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Certainly these distinctions are valid for many practitioners who do, in fact, choose between such simple alignments. But most Wizards are more complex than that, and we see magick in terms of a rainbow spectrum of hues for many purposes. In fact, the use of colors in magickal workings has acquired traditional associations with the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit), the planets, and the purposes of the spells. In the tables of correspondence that you will find in this Grimoire, you will see listed in every grouping the appropriate associated colors.

Also physical passion and sexuality. Red is the power color. Red is the color of fire, inspiration, vitality, pride, anger, bravery, strong emotions, purification, arid places, aggressive music (especially drumming like a heartbeat), and lightning storms. Red is the best color to ward off danger. Use it for stability, grounding, prosperity, and physical health. Orange—Pride and courage; heroism and attraction; kinship and prosperity (as in a good harvest). Orange is attuned to warmth, friendship, abundance, spirit, will, principles, theory, and alertness.

Arts & Practices YELLOW Divination Air RED Alchemy Fire BLUE Healing Arts Water GREEN Wortcunning Earth Direction East South West North GREY WHITE BLACK CLEAR 2. Magicks & Wizardries Lore Mastery Knowledge Ceremonial Spirits/Soul Sorcery Matter/Energy Mathemagicks Numbers Center Above Below Everywhere AQUA ORANGE BROWN VIOLET 3. Sciences Meditation Conjury Beast Mastery Cosmology Northwest Southwest Northeast Southeast & Disciplines Inner Outer Life/Death Time/Space 1/14/2004, 3:23 PM 22 Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard Task: Make Your Color Tabard Quest: Self-Dedication When you have selected which color of Wizardry you would like to start with, you should make a tabard of that color.

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