By Carl Buono

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Haaaaa! ’ Somehow this time she kept from crying out, restricting herself to stifled grunts of pain. The last cut, however, had been a particularly thoughtful one, winding into the tender skin above the fold and as she stood up she realized it had taken her on to a new level of pain. She hopped blindly in place for a second, hissing, then took a skipping step across the room, tripped and fell, writhing. When she sat up she was aware of the cigar-smoking Senior standing above her. ‘Diney’ Carruthers had taken off her boots and, yes, her saddle; so far as still squirming Melissa could vaguely perceive, she was just about bare but for her waistcoat, or vest.

Beastly Beatings it was sometimes called by alumnae, who were not celebrated for opposing the continuation of the system. Moreover, this was Beta Beta Rho, the most exclusive, the most desirable – and of course the most desirable because exclusive – sorority in the whole globe, practically. The fees were quite fantastic. ‘Get those skirts short! ’ Blonde seventeen-year-old Constance Wood let her eyes stray over her own micro a moment. How could it be any shorter … and still called a skirt? ’ This came from the girl in centre, a trifle older than the others, dressed in a crisp Chanel two-piece, with New England aristocracy written all over her.

She could see that they were lightly elasticized in some manner, for grip, and thrust out her proud chest boldly. ’ ‘Press. Please. ’ ‘Boy, your kids are going to know they’ve got something in their mouths when they milk. ’ The Senior fitted the second over the roughened and erected stump of the left nipple. ‘There. Now you’re ringed. You wear these all the month, to remind you of me. ’ ‘Shouldn’t. They seem to be exerting pressure. And you’ll feel if they do. No, you’re one of the lucky ones, Connie.

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