By Sara Constantakis

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Just as he is starting to fall asleep, he sees one of the hawks turn and attack the other. The vision immediately changes to one of an army riding forward to attack the oasis. The boy goes to his friend the camel driver to tell him of his vision, N o v e l s f o r S t u d e n t s , V o l u m e 2 9 A l c h e m i s t and he tells the boy that, given the seriousness of the vision, he must go to the tribal leaders and tell them what he saw. So he goes to the most richly appointed tent in Al-Fayoum and, after a long wait, is admitted to tell his vision to the chieftains.

Santiago’s Heart When the alchemist tells Santiago to listen to his heart, it comes across as being just a familiar expression. After a while in the desert, however, Santiago ends up listening to actual words that his heart tells him, and ends up having a dialogue with it. Santiago’s heart is presented as an actual, independent character in the story, and reveals that it has thoughts independent of him. It tells him stories of his childhood, of how it took actions that Santiago was not aware of to protect the boy, such as hiding a gun he had found so that he could not hurt himself with it.

Malachi, however, is utterly unfazed: ‘‘Mister Randy, I’ve thought about it a lot, but there’s not a doggone thing we can do about it. ’’ As opposed to the frantic but effective preparations engaged in by Randy throughout the novel’s early chapters, Malachi is content to wait, sitting-duck style, for the bombs to strike, endangering his family by his fatalist (and ‘‘no-count’’) inclination to simply take it easy. Before divulging his secret to Malachi, Randy had wrestled with the prospect of doing so: unlike his white neighbors whom he has no intention of enlightening but whom he assumes will fend well for themselves following attack, the Henrys are a ‘‘special problem’’—beloved caretakers and helpless ‘‘wards’’ who will surely perish without his support.

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