By Martin Heidegger

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Martin Heidegger y Eduardo Chillida se conocieron en uno de los habituales encuentros entre escritores,pensadores y artistas organizados por los angeles célebre galería Erker de St. Gallen en Suiza. Fruto de este encuentro, nació una amistad intelectual entre los dos genios que desembocó en colaboración artística. Este breve ensayo de Heidegger apareció en el otoño de 1969 en una edición limitada de a hundred and fifty ejemplares para bibliófilos.

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An affirmative answer to this question would be premature until the manner in which blind persons experience texts has been given adequate consideration. Blind people can read texts that they cannot see, texts which are paradoxically visible but not readable for those of us who can see them unless we too are in command of Braille. Blind people read texts, as we all know, in a tactile manner, by touching signs that consist of variations of six printed points on paper. In which way is this “reading by touching” a functional equivalent, or a supplementum, of seeing?

And thus links the proud man to real history” (LR, 142). Only a new, and newly deepened, encounter between the realm of the visual and that of philosophical reflection can “put the immobile statue in movement” and try “to make it speak” (LR, 142). This happens in an intersubjectively relevant manner and not merely by uttering or writing linguistically formulated image-sequences of ever-new, ever-shifting poetic quality (LR, 142). Philosophy can retreat into the closed, self-contained world of the image.

And The Inhuman the presence of painting and the inhuman link “the visual” (which is the radically heterogeneous to discourse, signification, and systematicity) to the inarticulate phrase, the fact that it happens before any determination of what happened, a quod before all quid. Such a shift from the figural and energetics to the inarticulate phrase, insofar as it is a shift from an emphasis on space (the figural as space) to an emphasis on time, reveals a linking, that is, a phrase coming after another one which comes after another one and so on, the question of linkage is a temporal one.

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