By Keith Bridgeman

ISBN-10: 144418282X

ISBN-13: 9781444182828

Ideal for revision, those publications clarify the unit standards, summarise the content material and comprise specimen questions with graded answers.

Each full-colour re-creation scholar Unit advisor presents perfect training in your unit exam:

- consider convinced you realize the unit: each one consultant comprehensively covers the unit content material and comprises subject summaries, wisdom payment questions and a reference index
- familiarize yourself with the examination requisites: the explicit talents on which you may be verified are explored and explained
- examine exam-style questions: graded pupil responses may help you specialise in components the place you could increase your examination procedure and performance

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M4 prompts you to consider your measurements as you are taking them. If you are getting the sort of readings you were expecting and they are not proving too difficult to read then you have no reason to change your plan. If you find difficulty somewhere you should write down the change in your plan and give an explanation. You will score most marks by taking careful measurements and recording them exactly. L You should include the uncertainty in your measuring instrument. L Units 3 & 6: Exploring Physics and Experimental Physics L Examiner tip Draw up your results table before you start taking readings.

When measured with an LDR, the resistance R increases with distance d. R = kdp where k and p are positive constants. What graph would you plot to display the data as a straight line and how would you find a value for p? 42 Relation Equation to y-axis plot x-axis Gradient Intercept How to find value Electrical resistance V = IR V I R 0 Mean resistance is gradient T2 l 4π2 /g 0 g is 4π2 /gradient Time period of simple pendulum T = 2π l g Time constant for capacitor decay ln V V= V0 exp (−t/RC) t -1/RC ln V0 Time constant is −1/gradient Time period for linked oscillators T = kxn ln x n ln k n is the gradient and has no units ln T Edexcel AS/A2 Physics Unit 6 Experimental physics Themes There are four themes that run through the three stages of the practical work.

You can also derive the logarithmic version of your equation and explain how that gives you a straight line on your graph. In your conclusion for A17 you might refer to the model and see if it has any limitations as shown by your results. You can address these in developing the work for A18. Graph plotting A1 to A8 are for plotting your graph and using it to derive mathematical conclusions. A6 is for plotting correctly the graph you specified in P12. A1 is for having the correct axes, as described in your plan, and for including the correct units.

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