By Chris R I Clayton, Jarbas Milititsky, Rick I Woods, Andrew Bond

ISBN-10: 075140067X

ISBN-13: 9780751400670

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These changes are the result of extensive research in wind engineering and earthquake-resistant design. 3 Required and Recommended References The fifth edition of this book was prompted by three main developments: 1. Publication of the 2001 National Design Specification for Wood Construction (Ref. 4 Chapter One 2. Publication of the comprehensive 2001 Allowable Stress Design Manual for Engineered Wood Construction (Ref. 3) 3. Publication and increased adoption nationally of the 2003 International Building Code (Ref.

Often this type of load is supported by two or three beams or joists side by side which are the same size as the standard roof or floor framing members. See Fig. 1. The alternative is to design special larger (and deeper) beams to carry these isolated equipment loads. 1 Support of equipment loads by additional framing. The magnitude of dead loads for various construction materials can be found in a number of references. A fairly complete list of weights is given in Appendix B, and additional tables are given in Refs.

The live load on a roof is usually applied for a relatively short period of time during the life of a structure. This fact is normally of no concern in the design of structures other than wood. However, as will be shown in subsequent chapters, the length of time for which a load is applied to a wood structure does have an effect on the load capacity. 10 Chapter Two Roof live loads are specified to account for the miscellaneous loads that may occur on a roof. These include loads that are imposed during the roofing process.

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