By Thomas P. Flint

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Thomas P. Flint develops and defends the assumption of divine windfall sketched by way of Luis de Molina, the sixteenth-century Jesuit theologian. The Molinist account of divine windfall reconciles claims lengthy considered incompatible: that God is the all-knowing governor of the universe and that exact freedom can be triumphant in basic terms in a universe freed from absolute determinism. The Molinist thought of heart wisdom holds that God is familiar with, although he has no keep an eye on over, truths approximately how anyone may freely decide to act in any scenario, whether the individual by no means encounters that state of affairs. Given such wisdom, God will be really providential whereas leaving his creatures surely loose. Divine windfall is through a long way the main specified and broad presentation of the Molinist view ever written. heart wisdom is hotly debated in philosophical theology, and the debate spills over into metaphysics and ethical philosophy to boot. Flint ably defends the concept that opposed to its such a lot influential modern critics, and indicates its significance to Christian perform. With specific originality and class, he applies Molinism to such facets of windfall as prayer, prophecy, and the proposal of papal infallibility, teasing out the whole diversity of implications for normal Christianity.

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It should be noted that no formal fallacy would be committed were one to say that (i) and (4) were both true. Counterfactuals which are themselves true very often would have been false given a certain hypothesis. Things being as they are in the actual world, if you were to ask me for a $io,000 contribution to a worthy charity, I would do two things: try to stifle the urge to laugh, and politely say no to your request. 0 follows from (Ti -8 preceding paragraph. There, our concern was whether ❑ (Ti Wi) that, for any world-type Tn, WI).

For the galaxy determined by the true creaturely world-type, of course, the chosen world just is the actual world—the world represented in Diagram 3 by a filled circle. The problem with Diagram 3 can now be stated succinctly: it represents only one of the chosen worlds, and thus represents only part of God's free knowledge. To repair this deficiency, suppose we agree to represent each chosen world by a filled circle. Our picture would then become as in Diagram 4. Diagram 4 Feasible worlds GI O 0 Infeasible worlds G2 o o O 0 0 O ; O •0 0 • 0 0 .

Clarence, the angel on his wing-earning mission, grants George his wish—or almost grants it. Like Scrooge's Ghost, Clarence allows George the rar, privilege of seeing how things would have been—in this case, of how they would have been had George never been born. And as George sees, his absence would have had enormous (and horrendous) consequences for his family, his friends, his community, and even his nation (George's brother Harry would never have lived long enough to become a war hero had George not saved his life when they were boys).

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