By Zecharia Sitchin

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This can be a nice e-book. It used to be added well timed and the outline used to be actual. thank you!

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The tablet then becomes too damaged and illegible, so that we do not know Ea's explanation for his odd instructions (that were, obviously, intended to sustain his decision to give Adapa knowledge but not immortality). No matter how the discussion ended, Anu decided to send Adapa back to Earth; and since Adapa did use the oil to anoint himself, Anu decreed that back in Eridu Adapa's destiny will be to start a line of priests who will be adept at curing diseases. On the way back Adapa, from the horizon of heaven to the zenith of heaven cast a glance; and he saw its awesomeness.

His vanquisher, Ninurta, carried out the sentence. The execution of Zu has been depicted on an archaic sculpted relief found in central Mesopotamia (Fig. 14). It all happened long before Mankind was created; but as these texts show, the tale was recorded and known in ensuing millennia. If that is where Cain obtained the notion of killing, Yahweh's anger was understandable, for Zu was killed after a trial; Abel was just murdered. Sumerian texts, the origin of and inspiration for the tales of Genesis, not only fill the bare-bones biblical versions with details; they also provide the background for understanding When Paradise Was Lost 43 the events.

Seated on the throne was the Great Glory, but not even the angels could approach and behold His face because of the brilliance and magnificence of His glory.

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Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries by Zecharia Sitchin

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