By Rose Gwain

This Jungian interpretation of Tarot symbolism makes use of the Tarot archetypes as mirrors for taking a look inside of ourselves. Following Jung's character varieties as guiding rules, the writer exhibits how the Tarot might be an incisive software for self-transformation, permitting you to find the forces which are operative on your personal character.

Provides a procedure for comparing your robust and susceptible character characteristics by way of indicating the courtroom card and go well with that correspond in your character make-up.
Highly unique card spreads aid you concentrate on and enhance weaker aspects of your character.

Other spreads aid you achieve perception into complicated and tough own relationships.

A part is dedicated to utilizing the Tarot to growth in the course of the degrees of attention represented through the sephiroth at the Tree of Life.

Combining her heritage in Jungian psychology with the Tarot, Rose Gwain has created a distinct software of the Tarot for practitioners of all degrees.

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He pointed out that the shrine of St. Sara, the patron saint of the Gypsies, at Les Saintes Maries de la Mer in the Camargue region of southern France, lies on the legendary site of an ancient altar to Mithras. The pantheon of Mithras had assimilated the Egyptian god of the dead, who was renamed Sarapis. According to another modern writer, Wenzell Brown, the Gypsies have always claimed to possess a secret book of great antiquity, which is the true guide to divination by the cards. Their methods of divination are apparently handed down orally from mother to daughter, however, and no copy of the alleged book has ever been discovered.

A card game named Triumphs existed from the 14th century, and may have developed from cards commemorating one such pageant, commissioned by the patron or presented to him as a souvenir by the grateful artist. The Burning of the Tarot During the later Middle Ages many sets of Tarot cards were burned by the Church, which opposed gambling, with its emphasis on luck, and saw card-playing as a means of uniting people in sin. The first known attack on card-playing was written in 1377 by a Swiss monk.

There is also the view that Cups could have represented the aristocratic class, Wands the landowners, Pentacles the tradesmen, and Swords the fighting men. In the 15th century a French knight, Etienne de Vignoles, adapted the minor arcana to create the game of piquet. Our modern pack, which is derived from his, has Hearts in place of Cups, which gives the suit the connotation of love and happiness; Diamonds in place of Pentacles, derived, it is believed, from the diamond-shaped tile, or "carrefour," on the floor of the Money Exchange in Paris because of the suit's association with money; Clubs in place of Wands, the club's shape derived from the trefoil or clover, meaning fertility and creative work; and Spades in place of Swords (espada is the Spanish word for sword), which derived either from the piques or lance points, or the handle of a sword, and carries the meaning of strength, conflict, and spiritual struggle.

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