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Reptilians won’t leave without a fight and Greys are our only hope. If the problem were only solvable through physical battle, then humans are completely outgunned. Even so, allying with the wrong alien faction would cause further problems. The Greys don’t have a good track record of honesty or sincerity and are likely Trojan horses built by the same threat. There are other factions, positive Nordic types for instance, who would make better PART IV 59 allies, although they would probably offer nonphysical assistance instead of military intervention.

Since humanity will face the consequences of its decisions, it alone must make those decisions according to its highest system of standards in order to grow from the experience and preserve self-determination. Alien factions have their own ideologies, some meeting the standards established by mankind, others not. This separates alien factions out into those who respect mankind’s decisions, and those who oppose or undermine. Therefore even if all judgments were subjective and viewpoints relative, it is still the responsibility of all individuals to make distinctions between different alien motivations to see which ones are agreeable.

The same source can change identities repeatedly to whatever sounds most authoritative. Weakness of Vector: Establishing and maintaining a connection requires mental dissociation so that the source can come through clearly without restriction by the conscious mind of the channeler. This amounts to a relinquishing of freewill, and a manipulative entity may abuse this offer by sinking roots into the mind of the channeler, deeper than it could otherwise. In worst cases this can lead to possession, where the channeler not only transmits disinformation during specified sessions, but becomes a walking extension of the negative entity, serving an agenda in broader ways.

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