By David V. Tansley

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ISBN-13: 9780914732297

Written through the major specialists within the box of radionics (in collaboration with Malcolm Rae and Aubrey T. Westlake), this quantity is a definitive paintings at the topic. It info the delicate energies and styles of the human physique with emphasis upon diagnosising the religious, psychological and actual states of the person in the course of the ether fields.

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Manomayakosha. M ental and Astral Bodies. 4. Annamayakosha. Etheric and Dense Physical Bod ies. Because the Hindu claims that man's astral and mental b od ies are so closely related , he lumps them under one head ing. The same process is then applied to the etheric and d ense physical and before you know it you have a system which apparently 42 DIMENSIONS OF RADIONICS eliminates the mental and etheric bodies, when in fact they d o ex ist w ithin this body of thought that arose from the Vedanta teachings.

There are after all the ones that will con­ cern the radionic practitioner in his efforts to restore harmony and health. The physical body I have touched on in a very general way from an esoteric point of view . A basic knowledge of the various organ systems and so forth is essential for the lay practitioner, the health care professional will of course be well educated in this area and familiar with its functions and mal- functions. Suffice to say that the physical body has no life of its own beyond that of the atoms that go into its makeup, it is an automaton, subject to impacts of energy flowing from the mental and astral bodies and held in one cohesive whole by the influence of the soul as it manifests through the etheric body.

The Bliss sheath. 2. Vignanamayakosha. The D iscriminating Higher Manas. sheath. 3. Manomayakosha. Intellect-Desire sheath Lower Manas & Kama. 4. Pranamayakosha. The Vitality sheath. Prana. 5. Annamayakosha. The Food sheath. Dense physical. Yet another listing put forward by the Hindus show s how the confusion begins to enter into this matter of how many bod ies of manifestation man has. 1 . Anandamayakosha. Buddhic Body. 2. Vignanamayakosha. Causal Body. 3. Manomayakosha. M ental and Astral Bodies.

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