By Addy Osmani

ISBN-10: 1449328253

ISBN-13: 9781449328252

With a view to construct your site’s frontend with the single-page program (SPA) version, this hands-on ebook indicates you the way to get the activity performed with Backbone.js. You’ll create established JavaScript functions, utilizing Backbone’s personal style of model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.

Start with the fundamentals of MVC, SPA, and resolution, then get your arms soiled development pattern applications—a easy Todo record app, a RESTful booklet library app, and a modular app with spine and RequireJS. writer Addy Osmani, an engineer for Google’s Chrome staff, additionally demonstrates complicated makes use of of the framework.
• find out how Backbone.js brings MVC advantages to the client-side
• Write code that may be simply learn, established, and prolonged
• paintings with the Backbone.Marionette and Thorax extension frameworks
• remedy universal difficulties you’ll come across whilst utilizing Backbone.js
• arrange your code into modules with AMD and RequireJS
• Paginate facts in your Collections with the Backbone.Paginator plugin
• Bootstrap a brand new Backbone.js software with boilerplate code
• Use spine with jQuery cellular and get to the bottom of routing difficulties among the 2
• Unit-test your spine apps with Jasmine, QUnit, and SinonJS

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For you to construct your site’s frontend with the single-page software (SPA) version, this hands-on e-book exhibits you ways to get the task performed with spine. js. You’ll how to create established JavaScript functions, utilizing Backbone’s personal style of model-view-controller (MVC) structure.

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To achieve these public methods, which are available on every instance of a particular object, you need to learn about a property called prototype, which simply contains an object that will act as a base reference for all new copies of its parent object. Essentially, any property of the prototype will be available on every instance of that object. This creation/reference process gives us a cheap version of inheritance, which I discuss in Chapter 3. Since an object prototype is just an object, you can attach new properties to them, just like any other object.

This is one aspect that is not built into JavaScript’s inheritance model. method() function which can be used to grab multiple methods from a single parent object. When used together with multiple parent objects, you can have a form of functional, multiple inheritance. Now that you have a fair idea of what it is that these functions provide us with, Listing 3-3 revisits the Person/User example that you saw in Listing 3-1, only with this new classical-style form of inheritance. Additionally, you can see what additional functionality this library can provide, along with any improved clarity.

In JavaScript, scope is kept within functions, but not within blocks (such as while, if, and for statements). The end result could be some code whose results are seemingly strange (if you’re coming from a blockscoped language). Listing 2-10 shows an example of the implications of function-scoped code. Listing 2-10. Example of How the Variable Scope in JavaScript Works // Set a global variable, foo, equal to test var foo = "test"; 25 26 CHAPTER 2 ■ OBJECT-ORIENTED JAVASCRIPT // Within an if block if ( true ) { // Set foo equal to 'new test' // NOTE: This is still within the global scope!

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