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The task is not only to object to psychiatry based on its failure to recognize the difference between sadism and masochism, but to use literature to rectify the psychiatric conception with respect to the law. Why does Freud follow Krafft-Ebring’s tendency to identify sadism with masochism, thus considering them to be inversely symmetrical within the same position? Because both of them put the law into play: they evaluate humiliation and pain, but according to completely different modalities that only results in a nominal identity of the two different tendencies.

But force is always plural and is always given as force relations whose power can be evaluated symptomatologically. Deleuze proposes a shortcut with the intention of arranging Nietzsche’s philosophy along two axes: one axis forms a general semiotics, while the other suggests an ethics and an ontology of power. This collective formulation affirms how Deleuze conceived of Nietzsche alongside Spinoza, and he could just as easily apply it to himself. He is frequently seen expressing phrases from authors he admires the most, such as Foucault, Nietzsche, and Spinoza, which summarize a particular feature of his own philosophy.

As a result of being a writer Sacher-Masoch “invents” in the archeological sense; which is to say that he explores dynamisms, reveals positions and relationships that, without his intervention, would remain imperceptible. By this definition an artist is a symptomatologist. 10 As a physician, he/she practices semiology, the concrete study and skilful understanding of signs. Even better than a physician, the artist is able to remain within the domain of real forces without being swept away by social structures.

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