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Play each event you could Imagine

Experience the thrills of each blockbuster motion motion picture, each heart-pounding first-person shooter, and each explosive, high-octane escapade you could dream up. inside of this publication, you will discover every thing you must construct the final word modern-world crusade choked with cinematic event, and to create the dynamic heroes had to face the harrowing risks that anticipate within.

For gamers and Gamemasters, this product is appropriate with the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying video game and different d20 System roleplaying games.

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BY BEHAVIOR Alternatively, a GM may decide what sort of advancement points a character gains by looking at his attention, behavior, and tendencies. Does he go through a modern age investigation using his police training, or does he use his heightened senses? Does he engage in combat with a pair of pistols blaz- ing in his hands, or does he pick up a greatsword, cover himself in scales, and go to town? In both examples, the first options demonstrate a reliance on human skills and habits, and so would be rewarded with humanity points; the second options, meanwhile, demonstrate a close connection with and use of draconic traits, powers, and methods, and so would be rewarded with heritage points.

Instead, reward such quality gameplay with bonus dice on well-described actions or bonus karma points regained. DYING Death in the modern age is permanent and devastating. The player can reincarnate, certainly, but does so in the form of an infant. It will be a long time before a modern age character that dies can rejoin his brood. Death in the mythic age, on the other hand, is part and parcel of a FIREBORN campaign. Dying and being reborn is one of the ways that dragons grow and change. When the dragon is reincarnated, he is still the same being, but comes into the world with a clean slate.

Overkill successes inflict direct damage to the caster. Spawning taint is far more subtle, and many human mages deny that the process occurs at all. Taint is spawned when a human spellcaster attempts a spell or ritual and achieves too few successes on the Casting test. Because magic shapes reality by directly 40 CHAPTER TWO: GAME MASTER MECHANICS manipulating karma, the pushing, pulling, and wrenches to taint 2 on the second turn. On the third turn, the ing can cause dramatic damage to the local karmic flow.

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