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A Cypher approach crusade of Victorian horror? excessive fable? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning house opera? With the Cypher procedure Rulebook, operating any of these is as effortless as working or enjoying The unusual or Numenera . Take the Cypher procedure to the boundaries of your mind's eye with this hefty rulebook that extends the approach to myth, science-fiction, horror, modern day, and superhero settings—or any surroundings you could imagine!

The Cypher approach Rulebook adapts the Cypher System—the seriously acclaimed, award-winning ideas set that drives Numenera and The Strange—to an enormous diversity of campaigns and genres, supplying you with the whole ideas set (along with dozens of not obligatory and genre-specific ideas) and 1000's of personality innovations, creatures, cyphers, and different assets. It’s every little thing you must play nearly any video game utilizing the Cypher procedure rules.

If you’re already keen on Numenera and/or The unusual, you’ll locate new descriptors, foci, varieties, creatures, cyphers, and artifacts you should use on your crusade the minute you crack open the ebook. some of the not obligatory style ideas will profit your crusade besides. There are pages and pages of content material you may make use of on your present video game, no matter if you by no means take the Cypher method into one other genre!

The Cypher process Rulebook offers 416 pages of personality recommendations, gear, online game principles, exact assurance of key genres, creatures, NPCs, and cyphers.

• entire online game rules
• Genre-specific ideas and recommendation for myth video games, smooth video games, science-fiction video games, horror, and superheroes
• structures for concerns reminiscent of car wrestle, crafting, and perception, between others
• 4 new personality varieties, every one customizable to the desires of your setting
• Over 50 descriptors and 70 foci
• a great deal of apparatus and enormous quantities of cyphers and artifacts
• approximately 70 creatures and NPCs
• nice GM suggestion on adapting the Cypher method to a number of settings, and on working a enjoyable, enticing, fast moving, easy-to-GM online game sessions

Start a brand new crusade set in a myth land of elves and fae creatures, a technological know-how fiction surroundings spanning the galaxy, or a contemporary slasher horror game—or upload scads of latest recommendations for your Numenera or The unusual crusade. The Cypher process Rulebook promises every little thing you want to run the sport you need to play utilizing the severely acclaimed, award-winning, and simply undeniable enjoyable to play Cypher procedure!

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20 You belong to a secretive social club that gathers monthly to drink and talk. Character Type Starting Equipment: Appropriate clothing, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items of your choice. Special Abilities: Choose four of the abilities described below. You can’t choose the same ability more than once unless its description says otherwise. Distortion (2 Intellect points): You modify how a willing creature within short range reflects light for one minute.

Stone Breaker: Your attacks against objects inflict 4 additional points of damage when you use a melee weapon that you wield in two hands. Enabler. Think Your Way Out: When you wish it, you can use points from your Intellect Pool rather than your Might Pool or Speed Pool on any noncombat action. Enabler. Wrest From Chance: If you roll a natural 1 on a d20, you can reroll the die. If you reroll, you avoid a GM intrusion—unless you roll a second 1—and might succeed on your task. Once you use this ability, it is not available again until after you make a ten-hour recovery roll.

These effects inflict 6 points of damage each round. Action. Earthquake (10 Intellect points): You trigger an earthquake centered on a spot you can see within 1,000 feet (305 m). The ground within 250 feet (76 m) of that spot heaves and shakes for five minutes, causing widespread damage to structures and terrain in the area. Buildings made of wood, stone, or brick collapse; walls topple; cliffs crumble; ceilings cave in; some areas Character Type of ground rise up; and other areas sink. Creatures inside collapsed buildings or beneath a crumbling cliff or falling wall are subject to a crush (3 points of damage) or a huge crush (6 points of damage) and may have to dig themselves free, as the GM decides.

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