By David Michael Cunningham

ISBN-10: 1932517448

ISBN-13: 9781932517446

Developing Magickal Entities is a complete reference guide that offers step by step directions for developing entities via astral manipulation that would swap your existence. This guide, written by means of 3 practising occultists, finds magickal and alchemical tools, many which were misplaced and suppressed during the a while, in a refreshingly sleek means that magickal practitioners of any culture can comprehend.

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One of the easiest is to pick and choose the letters that you t h i n k will compliment the n a m e the best. Another w a y is to choose the letters t h a t have numerical symbolism that will bring the full n a m e to a number, via numerology, t h a t resonates w i t h the entity's task. ) using the Pythagorean system of numerology. N o w this is a little bit easier to read and say, but we are going to take it a bit further and split the n a m e into t w o . " The n a m e s m a y be long, or u n pronounceable in the long form.

After you have finished -writing the entity's magickal biography, you should read it. Make sure that every little detail of the biography is firmly planted into your memory. After it is etched deep within your psyche, let it work in your mind for a day or two. You may even wish to let it work in your subconscious for up to a week for better results. During this time of incubation, your subconscious builds up the details needed to construct this entity. After this time has elapsed and you return to work on your entity, you may find that your subconscious has, partially, if not completely, finished the description of your entity's magickal abilities.

56 FEEDING TIME J u s t as there are m a n y w a y s to creatively feed your entity energy from yourself, there are as m a n y w a y s to creatively feed the entity from an energy source external to you. If y o u r entity's task is to help dissolve automobile traffic j a m s and things of the like, you could assign the entity to feed off of the energy patterns generated from automobile traffic. By doing this y o u have eliminated the need for constant attention from y o u in order for the entity to survive, and y o u have provided it w i t h a relatively endless supply of energy—provided that there is always automobile traffic.

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