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The faith in "immediate certainties" is a moral naivet6 that reflects honor on us philosophers; but-after all we should not be "merely moral" men. Apart from morality, this faith is a stupidity that reflects little honor on us. In bourgeois life everpresent suspicion may be considered a sign of "bad character" and hence belong among things imprudent; here, among us, beyond the bourgeois world and its Yes and No-what should prevent us from being imprudent and saying: a philosopher has nothing less than a right to "bad character," as the being who has so far always been fooled best on earth; he has a duty to suspicion today, to squint maliciously out of every abyss of suspicion.

And whoever attempts it even with the best right but without inner constraint proves that he is probably not only strong, but also daring to the point of recklessness. He enters into a labyrinth, he multiplies a thousandfold the dangers which life brings with it in any case, not the least of which is that no one can see how and where he loses his way, becomes lonely, and is torn piecemeal by 13In the original edition and in the standard editions; Macchiavelli 13 Extremely brisk and lively manner.

Perhaps to discovery. 13 Physiologists should think before putting down the instinct of self-preservation as the cardinal instinct of an organic being. A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength-life itself is will to power; self-preservation is only one of the indirect and most frequent results. ) and not a world-explanation; but insofar as it is an equivalent of the German Affekt, which is defined as passing emotional states ... The best writers distinguish it from passion, as having less vehe.

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