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From the foreward of this 462 web page textbook: "Dr. Verma's ebook has been divided into components due to the measurement of the manuscript. it's a different try to train physics, and it'll be super beneficial to the undergraduate scholars. The exposition of every idea is very lucid. In conscientiously formatted chapters, in addition to difficulties and brief questions, a couple of aim questions have additionally been incorporated. This booklet can definitely be tremendous invaluable not just as a textbook, but additionally for practise of varied aggressive examinations." Y. R. Waghmare, Professor of Physics, IIT Kanpur

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In contrast the distance covered has only a magnitude and is thus, a scalar quantity. 00 Runs in prey. 3 increases the rate. We define the instantaneous speed at a time t as follows. Let As be the distance travelled in the time interval t to t + At. 1 chosen time interval At. 0 m during a morhing walk. If he starts at one end of the track and reaches at the other end, find the distance covered and the displacement of the person. Solution : The distance covered by the person equals the length of the track.

5 The vector A> has a magnitude of 5 unit, -4 The direction of a x b is perpendicular to both a and r)). ). To determine the direction of arrow on this perpendicular several rules are in use. In order to avoid confusion we here describe just one rule. -4 -2 ax(b+c)=axb+axc. It does not follow the associative law —> -4 ax(bxc)# (axb)xc. When we choose a coordinate system any two perpendicular lines may be chosen as X and Y axes. However, once X and Y axes are chosen, there are two possible choices of Z-axis.

This minimum occurs at x = 1 and the minimum value of y is y = 2. = 160 TC C111 3. 12. Find the derivative of the following functions with respect sin x to x. (a) y = x 2 sin x, (b) y -and (c) y=sin (x 2). 14. Figure (2-W6) shows the curve y = x 2. Find the area of the shaded part between x = 0 and x = 6. Solution : (a) y = x 2 sin x dy _ x 2 d . d 2 — (sm x) + (sin x) (x ) dx dx = x 2 cos x + (sin x) (2x) = x(2sin x + xcos x). Figure 2-W6 Physics and Mathematics Solution : The area can be divided into strips by drawing ordinates between x = 0 and x = 6 at a regular interval of dx.

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