By Christoffer Trossen

ISBN-10: 3890649750

ISBN-13: 9783890649757

Extended personality production principles that assemble and replace all box guide lifestyles paths and clarify easy methods to create your personal. additionally integrated are another point-based personality construction process and a whole building method for conflict armor.

The vintage BattleTech better half presents multiplied principles on find out how to run adventures within the BattleTech universe, easy methods to contain contacts and enemies into your video game, in addition to a piece at the a number of underworld corporations in volume. additionally features a entire part on developing and utilizing creatures, with an abundant sampling of alien fauna.

The vintage BattleTech spouse bargains complex and exchange principles for gamers and gamemasters. This integral ebook offers a number of new abilities and characteristics, complicated climate ideas, management and association of noble land-holds and additional information on existence within the MechWarrior universe.

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Red Kestrel has several ships in its fleet, and transports a wide variety of goods between its six nations. This branch is currently administered by a florid Chelish man who plucks his eyebrows and sweats profusely even on the coldest Varisian days. This doubtful-looking man is Anton Ghanafini, and despite his awkwardnes s he is in fact a relatively shrewd businessman-one who has recently gotten in over his head (quite literally) with a local group known as the Midnight Dawn (see page 46). 03. Billivin's Benevolent Balms and Effulgent Elixirs: The relatively plain facade of this wooden one­ story building doesn't do justice to the chaos that lurks within.

Monument Boon: Meditate for 10 minutes below the arch and make a successful DC 15 Knowledge (arcana) check to gain a +1 morale bonus on all concentration checks for 24 hours. This bonus increases by +1 for every 10 points by which you exceed the DC 15 Knowledge (arcana) check. Nu. Bastion of the Nail: When certain elements among the Justice Court felt that Magnimar badly needed additional law enforcement, but were deterred by the Council ofUshers and Pediment Building alike, they extended an invitation to the Hellknight Order of the Nail to lend their aid.

Deverin Villa: The Derevins are perhaps the most laid-back of Magnimar's aristocrats, and their famous (some might say notorious) patience with the commonfolk has earned the family's leader the nickname ofthe " Simple Lord," a name that old Hobart Deverin (NG male Chelaxian/ Varisian aristocrat 5/expert 3) actually bears with pride. Equally proud ofhis family's success with the Fancy Reefclaw (see page 28) as he is of his niece's success as mayor of the town of Sandpoint, Hobart has been fighting a recurring fever for the past year, prompting many to whisper that the "reign ofthe Simple Lord" may be coming to a close.

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