By Deird're Brooks, Richard Dakan

ISBN-10: 1565042557

ISBN-13: 9781565042551

White Wolf Clanbook Ventrue Revised Vampire Masquerade

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The Sword Worlds Confederation is not friendly to the Imperium and this necessitates a detour around Sword Worlder space for most To a great extent, astrography dictates many of the characteristics of the sector. The single most important feature is the Spinward Main, which wends its way right across the sector, branching at several points. The Spinward Main is often considered to begin at Mora, though in fact the chain of stars runs onward into Star Lane subsector in Deneb sector for a couple of parsecs.

PLAYER NOBLES It is likely that a player–character noble will hold a fairly minor rank, such as a knight or baronet. More important people are unlikely to be hanging around with adventurers, and if they do travel it will normally be in the company of their retinue. This could be the basis of a Traveller game, but unless the players all want to play that sort of game it can be a problem. Thus a player–character noble should not be adventuring as the head of a great household. It is normally better to assume that the character is away from the support of his family or house.

Organised crime falls into this category, though normally if a group’s activities are restricted to one world then they are left for the local police to deal with. Organised crime on a multiworld scale is a threat to the stability of the Imperium; indeed, many organised crime groups have political connections and can influence policy. This is unacceptable to the Imperium and is a major area of interest for the Ministry of Justice. Piracy is another threat to the economic well–being of the Imperium.

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Clanbook: Ventrue (Vampire: The Masquerade Clanbooks) by Deird're Brooks, Richard Dakan

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