By Michael Cecchetelli

A part of the publications to the Underworld sequence from Hadean Press. Following the discharge of his paintings, CROSSED KEYS, in which he provided translations of 2 classical but under-appreciated Grimoires in addition to parts of his personal Magickal checklist detailing his paintings with The Black Dragon, Michael Cecchetelli was once contacted by way of approximately dozen readers hoping for additional details at the revised conjurations spoken of on web page ninety four. That details is supplied in Chasing the Dragon.

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Yet for all the subsequent devaluation this is a divine, not a diabolical manifestation. All the meadows trembled atber {tep; and the nymplts thathaunt tbe marslt and the river shrieked, all who dance round that mead of Amarantian Phasis. And Jear seized Aeson's son, but not even so did he turn round as his Jeet bore him forth, till he came back to his comrades; and now early dawn arose and sbed ber light above snowy Caucasus. Although the event is full of fear it must be clearly understood thatJasons not turning back is not out of terror, but in accord with traditional ritual protocol.

When Medea has givenJason this advice she asks him to remember her should he succeed and return home alive; asking at the same time about the land of his birth. Jason assures her that he will always remember her, and describes his country. He mentions its \egendary founder, Deucalion, the son of the Titan and Lord of Fire Prometheus; he is the frrst man to build cities and worship the gods with due ceremony. Deucalion is an important 6gure in a variety of contexts; not least that he is the hero of the Greek equivalent of the Great Flood of the biblical Genesis; his ship making landfall at Mount Parnassus rather than Ararat in the region of Colchis.

The Greeks likely obtained this story from Hittite or Hurrian sources in Asia Minor. After the Flood Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha repopulate the earth by casting stones behind them; those thrown by Deucalion becoming men, those by Pyyrhawomen. In this way Prometheus is responsible for the creation of the race of humanity a second time. A very similar motif to this sowing is involved when the time comes for Jason to face his ordeal at the demand of Aeetes; he has ro sow the Dragon's teeth which turn into armed men.

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Chasing the Dragon: The Magick of the Veritable Dragon Noir by Michael Cecchetelli

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