By Ethan Skemp

ISBN-10: 1588463702

ISBN-13: 9781588463708

Information at the wars and conflicts of the misplaced. Talecrafting and destiny as skill to extend a character’s legend. excellent items and poor relics from legend and dream. The courtroom of sunrise and new Entitlements reflecting the points of swap.

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The Dark Side of the Duel Duels aren’t usually fought over physical property like land or wealth. Normally, something more ephemeral is at stake. Hector fought Achilles in single combat, knowing he would lose, because to flee would have marked him as a coward. John Henry entered into a contest with a steam drill knowing that the ordeal would kill him, because to back down would be to admit that machine could replace man. In such instances, the contest takes on a sense of inevitability, the feeling that outcome is not in question, but the ritual of it must be satisfied.

Some freeholds require that all of this is in place before the challenge is even made, meaning that the defender can refuse the duel and put all of that work to waste. Others stipulate that the aggressor makes the challenge in a general way (making it clear that the duel is to be decided by combat, for instance) and then makes the rest of the arrangements once the duel is accepted. This format puts a great deal of responsibility on the challenger, but it also grants him tremendous advantage. In such a freehold, duels are seldom used to determine matters of life and death — duels of honor or love are more common.

If other options for resolving the dispute become obvious during the negotiations, or if tempers cool, the duel might be avoided entirely or the terms softened. This system is most common when the Spring Court is ascendant. Defining the Duel A duel isn’t always a physical fight. Changelings have invented or adapted so many different kinds of duels that selecting the duel is perhaps the greatest strategic move that a participant can make. Three main factors go into defining a duel: the freehold in which it takes place, the overall type of duel (physical, mental, mystical or social) and the matter over which the duel is being fought.

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