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Is close to the exact answer. to 380 to the nearest 10. Skills Check Round to the nearest ten to estimate. (Examples 1–2) 3. 496 - 151 4. 28 × 51 5. 482 + 935 6. 334 ÷ 27 Use compatible numbers to estimate. (Example 3) 7. 274 ÷ 3 8. 202 ÷ 7 Problem-Solving Check 9. LANDSCAPING Marty has 325 pounds of sand to put into four sandboxes. He needs to put about the same amount in each sandbox. About how many pounds of sand will go in each one? (Examples 4–5) 10. BUSINESS Company X offers Jeb a $510 bonus if he works for them.

REFLECT How do you know when to multiply and when to divide to solve a word problem? (Examples 1–3) Lesson 4 Progress Check 21 Prerequisite 5 Exponents Vocabulary The What: I understand and interpret positive exponents. The Why: Exponents can be used when indicating square footage of a bedroom or cubic units of cereal in a box. base (p. 22) exponent (p. 22) power (p. 2 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers (integers, fractions, and terminating decimals) and take positive rational numbers to whole-number powers.

BAKING A bakery makes 624 muffins. Suppose the muffins are equally placed in 8 boxes. How many muffins are placed in each box? 17. Where and why do you use 0 as a placeholder when you multiply 385 × 61? Discuss this question with a partner. 18. Explain how partial products can be used to multiply by two-digit numbers. You can use the example 273 × 46 in your explanation. 9. (page 20) 20 Prerequisite Skills Progress Check 4 (Lesson 4) Vocabulary and Concept Check divide (p. 19) dividend (p. 19) divisor (p.

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