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Live now in Asmara but I to tell you, you also tell Question 6. awil ferdaKun? = where are you going? A1. mdatiya ferekun = I am going for lunch (mdatna = to eat lunch). A2. tebdiya ferekun = I am going to study (tebdna = to study). A3. kol ferekun = I am going home. A4. laKwl fereli = I am going nowhere. A5. an nil feraKwsi dwelika = I will not tell you where I am going. I live? where Question 7. kol awn ferto gn? = When are you going home? A1. amar = next year A2. amar dembera = The year after next year.

When will Afyet go home? senu demberes = Next Monday aweka uKwarsrKun? When were you born? sekwetrengn ameri jab = Before 80 years ku emn ma? = Are you sure(serious)? kulawd qeyesi = Guess yourslef. ertra aweka Awtitin? When did Eritrea succeed? e. became independent? welta ameri jab = before six years. aweka ferduKun America? When did you go to america? (en)seka enti uKwarsraka = The time when you were born. (enseka = seka = That time, date) 7. Where = awet, awil = towards (where) awet shows a point in which a certian movement ends (the dstination).

Kew Ertril awahabine seseAnaKun? How do people dance in Eritrea? ferdo kulawd Qwali = Go and see (= find) yourself 5. Why = wriKw wriKw Blin mehersraKun? Why do you study Blin? kol ferosena gabiyar metan = To speak it when I visit home wriKw Dehaili turuKun? Why did you subscribe to Dehai? yi koqurdi jingistiyer metan = In order to chat with my country people. 6. When = awn; aweka = which date or day awn mdatno gn? When shall we eat lunch? nan = now nin awn ketebraKw gn? When did you write this?

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