By Andreas Weber

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Meaning, feeling and expression – the adventure of inwardness – topic such a lot in human lifestyles. the point of view of biopoetics exhibits that this event is shared by means of all organisms. Being alive skill to exist via family that experience existential challenge, and to precise those dimensions during the physique and its gestures. All lifestyles occurs inside one poetic area that's shared among all beings and that is obtainable via subjective sensual adventure. We participate in this via our empirical subjectivity, which arises from the reviews and wishes of dwelling beings, and which makes them open to entry and sharing in a poetic objectivity. Biopoetics breaks unfastened from the causal-mechanic paradigm which made biology not able to account for brain and which means. Biology turns into a technology of expression, connection and subjectivity which may comprehend all organisms together with people as feeling brokers in a shared ecology of significant kin, embedded in a symbolical and fabric metabolism of the biosphere.

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G. in the concept of the gene as “ideal instruction” shaping the organism from the outside as an object. Aristotelian thinking encounters a renaissance not only in temporary philosophy of biology but also in ethics, in particular where essential or holistic readings are explored (Nussbaum 1986). With the idea of autopoiesis, the aristotelian idea of life as activity from within has gained more traction (see also Chap. 6). Body as Soul In the last chapter, I tried to clarify the notion of this “soul-like” interior subjectivity in an analysis of the biological organization.

What is encountered is not neutral, but can only be encountered if experienced through its significance on a gradient between good or bad. In the first beginning perception has no names except the existential feeling of help- or harmful. So in a way we could say that emotion is the first unfolding of the world, and maybe we find an emotional background as the deepest underlying structure in all concepts of reality. The first fission of the world, the first discontinuity in the homogenous equilibrium of eternity has no form and no structure, it is nothing but the amorphous cry of highest urgence uttered by the organism: good or bad.

As in cellular autopoiesis where self is only possible through a constant activity, also on a multicellular level the crucial aspect is an active coherence of an underlying heterogeneity. The Immune system in vertebrates is the paradigm of such a heterogeneitiy inside one individual. The immune system is so heterogenuous or “other” to itself, that its main activity consists in a process of bringing forth its own coherence. It is an active process of building a self. In the same way, antigens – what is foreign to the organism – are not simpla that which is outside, as outside in every case needs to be determined through coherence of the immune self.

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