By E.A. Koetting

Advisor to acting magick and experiencing Godlike Power... i'm going to convey you the precise steps and particular pathworking that can assist you be extra profitable with ritual magick and your Ascent to Godhood - and also you don't desire targeted genetics or fancy initiations to do it.

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51::: Within two weeks, I traded my job and apartment in for a much better job and a much better apartment. And my success has never ended since that day. This isn’t because I’m special or because I know the secret Illuminati handshakes, because I’m not, and I don’t. I have the power that I have because I know the time-tested methods that allow humans to have the power of the gods. And above all, I know that black magick has nothing to do with how you talk, what you wear, or how many piercings you have.

Koetting ©2012, All Rights Reserved. ::: 48::: Chapter 4: Black Magick and the Left Hand Path Black magick is unique in that its philosophies and operations have no concern for the morality of your actions, but only for the effectiveness of them. Practicing black magick does not require you to be an evil person, to sacrifice animals on the full moon, or to be filled with negativity at all. You won’t have to grow your hair out and dye it black, or paint your fingernails. You won’t have to wear solid black clothes or walk around with your index and little fingers giving the sign of the horns.

And black magick offers you the ability to tap into that Limitless Potential and unashamedly TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. Evocation is the heart of black magick. A. Koetting ©2012, All Rights Reserved. ::: 52::: In order to be successful with black magick, it is essential that you master evocation. During the ritual of evocation, you’ll not only be calling on some of the most powerful entities in existence to come before you, to speak with you, and to do your will, but behind the scenes you’ll be undergoing a sort of spiritual evolution.

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Become A Living God by E.A. Koetting

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