By A & N

ISBN-10: 0692234209

ISBN-13: 9780692234204

A & N. Autophagiography. ISBN-13: 978-0692234204. ISBN-10: 0692234209. gnOme, 2014. 192 pp. $12.00.

A actual tale, scorching off the wine presses of the guts. anything indescribable happened. Communications ensued, changing into a saintly self-eating procedure whose vermicular path is that this e-book. half romance, half mystical discussion, half melodrama, Autophagiography is a ( )hole record of most unlikely love and friendship among genuine inexistent people. the consequences may possibly astonish you.

Contents: I. ALP, a.k.a. Resent Morning Prayer. II. Scars of the Horizon. III. New lifestyles. IV. Saintly communique: A Rule. V. Postscripts

“Bitten not easy by way of the Autophagiography‘s ‘spiral ouroboros’ at the same time focus is dissipated between its narrative peculiarities, cultural allusions, codes, and ceaseless diversions, i'll try and give you the option to discuss it . . . ” — Nick Land

” . . . an important unintentional scan in documentary authorship, an ‘as-is’ publication with numerous pleasant surprises and contradictions . . . the perception and enhancing of Autophagiography turns into a tremendous a part of the narrative itself, in order that the textual content actually and narratively eats itself into its personal actual current, like a few type of enormous love-child proverbially devouring the authors out in their inexistent sub-oceanic residence and residential: ‘The monster is right here and that i can't cease it, I don’t wish it ever to close up. no matter what occurs during this existence there'll be the fault of this cataclysmic now screaming to me, deafening me with the echo of a deformity that I continually was once’ (73) . . . you may in simple terms wish with out desire that its authors by some means locate happiness during this sphere or the following, or a minimum of in a unusual new someplace that's neither.” — nameless, “Eating your self to L( )ve,” HTMLGIANT

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I then remembered the slinky! Lagging behind your body like "thought lagging behind itself" (Massumi). Slinky - the spiral again! So I felt like a slinky in full equilibrium sticking to both continents and just trembling there in suspension. I also have this great image from Ito, Uzumaki in my mind: the two girls whose hair grows enormously and gets infected with spirals fighting in the schoolyard. Our thoughts like gigantic streams of hair have grown long and twisted, and by their prodigious contortions produced a hair cyclone that travels madly above the ocean.

The drone of being makes ripples of nothingness. A monotonic breath inhales back its every exhalation-sigh in an exquisite logic of near-suffocation. A last thought warps to swallow its own end before it begins. (the count of dead thoughts) Îmbrățișări, A PS: I am deeply embarrassed to send this but embarrassment is part of the game a bird-toy plays Extremely Dear A, There is no embarrassment—other than the absolute hyper-embarrassment of merely being here itself— where such impossibly given gifts are concerned.

Which reminds me of a conversation I had over this desire to write "a book" (I was arguing for back then). Now I know it should just be such a great desire that no proper book come out of that passion. Which brings me to the question marks I am still whispering to the world... ] 45 AUTOPHAGIOGRAPHY The destruction is here! I feel precisely “ni morte ni vivante” - as if there would be any ‘I’ left to feel. EYE does not see, only feels its changing hues of black... Forever stabbed and never dead enough, A toy-reader that only reads itself, killed by words, resurrected on sighs, a reader that has nothing and everything to do with what ‘it’ reads, a reader that does not read but is read by its reading until annihilation, a toy-predator that has just eaten its own rules to play Lovely picture!

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