By Jan Spiller

For the 1st time ever, a recognized non secular astrologer stocks the secrets and techniques, formerly recognized in simple terms to execs, that carry the main in your future.

Astrologer Jan Spiller exhibits you the major to researching your hidden abilities, your private wishes, and the methods you could stay away from damaging affects which can distract you from attaining your precise lifestyles function, as printed on your chart by way of the placement of the North Node of the Moon. With perception and intensity very unlikely to realize from the widely recognized sun-sign profiles, the enlightening self-portrait provided via the Nodes of the Moon can clarify the lifestyles classes you got here the following to benefit and the way to accomplish the achievement and peace you want. Jan Spiller indicates you the way to find the all-important North Node of the Moon on your astrological chart and gives an in depth interpretation of its impression and particular workouts that will help you examine about:

• The precise expertise that's looking ahead to you, a distinct reward that can simply be became specialist success
• The SELF-DEFEATING trends on your character which can carry you again and sabotage relationships
• the affection companion who could be your soul mate—and the accomplice whose carry over you could result in heartbreak
• The capture or temptation from a previous lifestyles that may bring about catastrophe when you are now not forewarned
• The therapeutic AFFIRMATIONS designed that will help you unencumber your optimistic strength and enhance the characteristics which could carry you precise happiness

Jan Spiller is nationally well-known as a pace-setter within the astrology box. She is a school member of the yank Federation of Astrologers and co-author of Spiritual Astrology.

From the exchange Paperback edition.

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It’s a part of you that is magnified in this incarnation—an appetite so exaggerated that it’s like a bottomless pit that can never be satisfied. This is the “red flag” category; when you find yourself driven by these motives, your best bet is to walk away, because you’re going to lose. WHAT THESE PEOPLE REALLY WANT This category represents an integration of past life motivations and present life gifts. It means having the experiences we were born wanting—manifesting the desires in our hearts—through using the new tools that we were; given in this lifetime to balance the personality.

21, 2031—Dec. 1, 2032 Scorpio Dec. 2, 2032—June 3, 2034 Libra June 4, 2034—Nov. 29, 2035 Virgo Nov. 30, 2035—May 29, 2037 Leo May 30, 2037—Feb. 9, 2039 Cancer Feb. 10, 2039—Aug. 10, 2040 Gemini Aug. 11, 2040—Feb. 3, 2042 Taurus Feb. 4, 2042—Aug. 18, 2043 Aries Aug. 19, 2043—Apr. 18, 2045 Pisces Apr. 19, 2045—Oct. 18, 2046 Aquarius Oct. 19, 2046—Apr. 11, 2048 Capricorn Apr. 12, 2048—Dec. 14, 2049 Sagittarius Dec. com Introduction This book contains my professional secrets: the methods I have used to successfully read personal astrology charts for the past twenty years.

These folks want to be Mr. or Ms. Nice, and nice people don’t upset other people. This “peace at any price” syndrome may lead to self-negation, which is a form of dishonesty. Their motive is one of love, but love without honesty leads to resentment. ” So they sacrifice what they need to be happy in order to fill the other person’s needs. In this incarnation, they are learning to re-evaluate what “support” actually is. It is not supportive to give more than one has to give. These natives love the energy of giving to others, but if they give beyond the point of feeling comfortable, they are not really supporting the other person.

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