By Paule Lerner

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The writer, guided by way of her curiosity in astronomy and astrology brings to gentle correspondences, right now incredible and demanding, among the heavenly our bodies and the most characters in Mahabharata. the prestigious conflict emerges because the echo of an ongoing wrestle among celestial and demonic beings via their terrestrial incarnations, and as a projection of sidereal phenomena whose visual appeal, at a pivotal second during time, constitutes a danger to the traditional culture. Astrological symbolism deals a key to an interpretation of the Epic that hasn't ever been heretofore explored, one who furthermore offers upward thrust to idea in this tormented finish of the period of Pisces, during which we're likely obliged to recognize, once more, the interdependence of guy and his galaxy. Is the war of words among gods and demons now not one that has recurred, with no stop, through the passage of time?

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PAULE LERNER attended lectures at the Mahabharata on the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, and studied western and Indian astrology. Struck by means of the various similarities among the language of Hindu astronomy and the frequent or particular names of the characters within the Mahabharata, she quickly embarked upon severe research.REVIEWS: a lot ingeniousness and difficult paintings has long past into the training of this ebook and there's no doubt that each one scholars of the nice Epic, really these having a few wisdom of astronomy and astrology will locate it attention-grabbing.

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The theme of the Fish Incarnation of Vi�l,lu is most developed in the Matsya PuriiiJa. 2Se�a is also the name of one of the three great mythic Serpents (Niigas) in the MBh, with regard to the Triple World: For us, Se$a represents the celestial Milky Way, that vast nebula, the primordial Ocean of Milk upon which Vi$l,lU rests between two cata­ clysms, immobile as he prepares the following Manifestation. Vasuki would correspond, in the atmosphere, to the line of the horizon, and to the path taken by the Sun and planets through the constellations, around the fixed Pole Star.

In this way, they seek to insure the victory of the coming solar Kingdom of the MATSYAS. It is for this reason that Arjuna's "ambidexterity" is so frequent­ ly mentioned in the text; for it evokes the Sun's double trajectory­ that of the solar year which sets the rhythm of the seasons, and its other apparently retrograde motion in the celestial sphere. a, 3 those two inseparable heavenly r�is who manifest them­ selves on Earth in times of crisis, in order to punish the asuras and help the gods in their good fight.

Every one of the Epic heroines is presented as a particular facet of the Earth. )-is symbolized by Bhi�ma. The IDaughter of king Virata of the Matsya kingdom. The word "uttara" means northern : it also has the sense of "future" and may designate "left" . . all of which reinforces our hypothesis. 2The Virgin Mary of Christian tradition is an illustration of the symbolism of the polarity Virgo-Pisces. She is the vessel of the Christ-God, of the pure Intelli ence that receives and conceives all even as it retains its inte it .

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