By Leonard Shlain

ISBN-10: 0688097529

ISBN-13: 9780688097523

I learn this publication while i used to be a freshman in excessive. it fairly opened my eyes to the realm of physics and the way artwork mymics truth and vise versa.

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Sculptor Polyclitus wrote a (Rule), which established the measured ships of the different parts of the human values as the basis of an entire aesthetic. body. He then relation- He recommended these sculpted his Doryphoros (Spear bearer) to illustrate these principles. " In their striving for perfection, Greek artists achieved the essence of Plato's ideal. " Both art and natural philosophy were engaged in a quest to strip away the outer veils of ap- LEONARD SHLAIN 36 pearance in order to discover the ideal proportional forms that lay hidden underneath this covering.

The dual meaning of the word "gloss" reveals the idea of a spiritual lu- minosity backlighting the letters of the words in the Bible. Originally derived from the Latin Something that had a word for "tongue," "gloss" took on a new meaning. gloss began to shine. This shine was the Word of 45 ART & PHYSICS God coming through the text. the letters. The gloss released the light from within Books were "illuminated" so that light could come through rather than flow on the page. Thus, both our present English words "glossary" and "glossy" derive from this earlier confusion regarding the true meaning of the white background upon which words are written.

The that parallel lines will never cross; that to one another — have been held up for over all more familiar right angles are equal two thousand years as the very nexus of truth. From the basic propositions. five postulates, The proof Euclid went on to deduce theorems and of the inherent truth of his system stemmed from the fact that his definitions and axioms could be used to prove the theorems. But Euclid made some other assumptions that he did not Elements. For example, he organized space as if its state in the points could be con- ART & PHYSICS 31 nected by an imaginary web of straight lines that in fact do not exist in nature.

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Art and Physics - Parallel visions in space, time and light by Leonard Shlain

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