By Paul Virilio, Julie Rose

ISBN-10: 0826460801

ISBN-13: 9780826460806

ISBN-10: 0826473199

ISBN-13: 9780826473196

Paul Virilio lines the dual improvement of paintings and technology over the 20 th Century, a improvement that emerges as a nightmare dance of dying. In Virilio's hot imaginative and prescient, paintings and technological know-how vie with one another for the destruction of the human shape as we all know it. before everything of the twenty first Century technology has eventually left paintings at the back of as genetic engineers organize to show themselves into the worst of expressionists, the Human Genome venture their godless manifesto, the individual, the uncooked fabric for brand spanking new and enormous sorts of existence.

Virilio makes the entire connections transparent: among the way in which early twentieth Century avant-gardes twisted and tortured the human shape earlier than making it vanish in abstraction and the blasting to bits of guys who have been not more than cannon fodder within the trenches of the nice warfare; among the German Expressionists' hate-filled pix of the damned and the "medical" experiments of the Nazi eugenicists; among the mangled messages of sensationalist advertisements and terrorism. A brutal good judgment ideas this shattering of illustration: our methods of seeing are actually fatally formed via remarkable "scientific" modes of destruction.

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