By Jeremy Till

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Polemics and reflections on the best way to bridge the space among what structure really is and what architects wish it to be.

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It gives a sense of security but is ultimately fragile in the face of the rising tides of forces beyond; levees will be breached, flooding the impossible purity of the land within with all the toxicity and uncertainty that has so futilely been kept at bay. What happens within the dykes may be called Architecture because the theorists and practitioners so insistently tell us it is, but it is in fact not architecture at all—if, that is, we attach to architecture with a small a the physical, environmental, social, political, and economic conditions that inevitably impinge on buildings and their makers.

Order all round. Bacon’s juxtaposition of the two drawings makes explicit a general architectural tendency, that of ridding the world of contingency the better to manipulate that world into (a semblance of ) order. In a telling passage in When the Cathedrals Were White, Le Corbusier is waiting at Bordeaux railway station and notes down what he sees: The station is disgusting. Not an employee on the crowded platform. An o;cial with a gilded insignia does not know when the Paris train will arrive.

They make cars here, but do not think grease monkeys and porn calendars. Think white gloves and sterile laboratories with sealed doors. I joke that the specification for the cleaning contract must be longer than that for the building contract, but am met with stony faces. Neither do I get many laughs when a group of muscled men in tight black uniforms approach us and I ask if they have come o= the production line as well. I am beginning to lose patience, a decline hastened by a remote-control soap dispenser that has gone berserk and sprayed liquid soap over my expensive new shirt.

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