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This booklet makes us go back and forth to the glorious Tolkiens global. Its a really necesary booklet for rol avid gamers. indicates the races and characters of midle earth.

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Nobles live on what their estates produce; even if they remain safe in their castles, they will be reduced to poverty if their fiefdom is harmed. Further, they may be called upon by their lord to fight and provide troops at any time. Most young male nobles receive knightly training (usually in a neighbor or ally’s household), and many are very proud of their knighthoods. They must also manage their estates. They hear requests and complaints from the peasants, settle legal disputes, and supervise the operation of mills, the training of men-at-arms, the collection of taxes and rents, and the working of the fields.

Even if they know the language, visitors find the local arts either weirdly simplistic or incomprehensibly abstract. This, of course, reinforces Sahudese suspicions that all foreigners are barbarians. Players interested in running characters who sing, dance, act or sculpt for their supper should look at the Entertainer template (p. 206). THEATER When the Banestorm first brought humans to Yrth, they had very little in the way of theatre. Europeans had some copies of the works of the great ancient playwrights, and a limited tradition of mostly religious folk-theater; LIFE IN YTARRIA Muslims lacked even that, as their fine tradition of storytelling filled much the same role.

See p. 32. Still, barring a revolution in thought beyond the dreams of the underground engineers (p. 54), Yrth science, like local technology, is unlikely to advance much beyond TL4. On the other hand, with continuing Banestorm incursions, almost anything may be possible. The Suppression of Gunpowder People brought to Yrth by the Banestorm have introduced gunpowder several times, and natives have invented it at least once. The knowledge was suppressed every time. Currently, talented mages are the only ones who know how one person can do more than an arrow’s worth of damage at range.

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