By Gregory Currie (auth.)

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Walton tells the following story. Imagine a society which does not have an established medium of painting, but does produce a kind of work of art called guernicas. Guernicas are like versions of Picasso's 'Guernica' done in various bas-relief dimensions. All of them are surfaces with the colors and shapes of Picasso's 'Guernica', but the surfaces are moulded to protrude from the wall like relief maps of different kinds of terrain . . Picasso's 'Guernica' would be counted as a guernica in this society - a perfectly flat one - rather than as a painting.

Consider, for instance, identicallooking pictures of identical twins. Representation clearly has more to do with the history of production of a work that with its appearance. Which picture is a picture of which twin is decided, not on grounds of appearance alone, but on grounds of causal- 26 An Ontology of Art intentional interaction between painter and subject. Properties like representing a certain person we may call 'specific representational properties'. But a picture can, in the ordinary sense, be a picture of a chair, without it being a picture of any particular chair.

For most judgements about the size of an animal we can imagine quite legitimate reference classes to which that animal belongs and with respect to which the simple judgement of size would be false; even a small elephant may be large for a mammal. And there are purposes for which it is as reasonable to compare an elephant with other mammals in general as to compare Empiricism 33 it only with other elephants. So it is at least usually true that an animal, however small, is large for a something. But we do not want to say of Gl that it is dull in any sense.

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