By Y. Ryabov

ISBN-10: 0486450147

ISBN-13: 9780486450148

An obtainable exposition of gravitation concept and celestial mechanics, this vintage quantity used to be written through a uncommon Soviet astronomer. It explains with unprecedented readability the equipment utilized by physicists in learning celestial phenomena, together with perturbed movement, satellite tv for pc expertise, planetary rotation, and the motions of the celebrities. fifty eight figures. 1959 variation.

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Mereury Venus E arth M ars . 1upioor . Saturn Uranus . Neptune Pluto. 539 HI. 457 I 108 km. 249 7'0' 3·24' - 1·51' 1·18' 2·29' 0'46' 1·46' 17'8' The two-body problem has also been successful in studying the motions of the minor planets (asteroids), comets, • At the cnd of the seventeenth century, telescopes began to be used to determine the positions of heavenly bodies, and observational accuracy increased greatly . •* A. U . stands for astronomical unit-the mean distance between the earth and sun.

Newton's calculations showed that if a curve described by a material body is an ellipse, in one of the foci of which is the attracting centre, the force of attraction of this centre will diminish in proportion to the square of the distance from it. From Kepler's First Law we know that each planet moves in an ellipse with the sun at one of the foci. Therefore, the force of attraction acting on a planet is inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the planet from the sun. Thus, starting with Kepler's planetary geometry, Newton was able to prove that the planets move due to solar attraction, which varies in inverse proportion to the square of the distance of the planet from the sun.

Iments have heen carried out to correlate the force of gravity with the attractive force of terrestrial ~ bodies. These experiments have resulted /,,- - ~,~ rather confidently in a more precise ( ) value for the mass of the earth'::. 974 X 1027 grams. If we know the mass of the earth Fig. 24. force of experiment attractIOn between any materIal bodies. By way of illustration, let us find out the force with which two balls of mass one kilogram each at 10 cm. apart attract each other. out ~ 1,600,000,000.

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