By Tonkin S. F.

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When E is small p is large, p cannot be  A reached, hence the system is essentially made up of one large cluster and a set of small particles. ects. For large value of E p continues to  decrease, more and more smaller fragments are generated and the apparent slope of the distribution increases again. At very high energy the nucleon mean-free path (E) becomes constant, hence p and saturate. 6. Relevant observables and percolation analysis of experimental data The "rst extensive confrontation between standard percolation theory and nuclear fragmentation was initiated by Campi [174].

Typical "ssion events involving two large fragments were excluded. Results are shown in 40 J. Richert, P. Wagner / Physics Reports 350 (2001) 1}92 Fig. 9. ln S as a function of ln S for single events. Part (a) corresponds to the break-up of gold nuclei, part (b) to a cubic   bond simulation with 216 sites and bond probabilities 0(p(1 [174]. Fig. 9 which relates S and S for both experimental events and percolation simulations. `Criticala   events correspond to large values of S and S . Violent (p"0) and smooth (p"1) collision events   correspond to small values of S and S .

Such attempts started with the Statistical Multifragmentation Model SMM [125]. The authors tried to establish a link between the percolation bond probability p and the excitation energy available in the fragmented system described by SMM [124] at freeze-out. They "xed p"< /(< #< ) where < is the volume of the initial compact system and < the   D  D J. Richert, P. Wagner / Physics Reports 350 (2001) 1}92 45 volume at freeze-out. The investigations revealed that such a link is not clearly established and led to the conclusion that inclusive fragment size distributions may not contain enough information in order to distinguish the purely statistical features of the fragmentation process from those which concern physical information carried in phase space models.

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Amateur Telescope Making Advanced (Book Two) (1952)(en)(650s) by Tonkin S. F.

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