By Patrick Marber

ISBN-10: 0822224399

ISBN-13: 9780822224396

A brand new model of an international vintage through one in all Britain's best-known modern playwrights. After omit Julie relocates August Strindberg's omit Julie (1888) to an English state condominium in July 1945. during this radical re-imagining of theatre's first "naturalistic tragedy" the occasions of Strindberg's unique are transposed to the evening of the British Labour Party's "landslide" election victory.

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In a light-hearted manner, the play touches on a number of issues which Bolger treats more seriously in his other plays, such as drug abuse, the grip of the past on the present, the sense of being haunted, and the issues of ghosts and of a supernatural afterlife. It mocks religious zealotry with the comic stock characters of the Mormons as well as with the missionaries of the Legion of Mary and reinforces its comic critique of the Catholic Church by revealing the precious relic as a fraud and by recounting George’s disillusioning experiences with the Church.

25 Barry has increasingly experimented with post-epic narration, a usage of storytelling that does not aim for alienation but creates intense relationships between narrator and story on the one hand and narrator and audience on the other. Most of Barry’s plays are memory plays, but from Fred and Jane onwards the act of remembering and telling has almost completely replaced the scenic action. While in earlier texts characters generally talk to themselves when expressing their thoughts and memories in monologues, the audience is often directly addressed in Barry’s most recent plays.

An enigmatic figure called ‘Horse’, who wears a shroud-like white robe, is introduced as a personification of heroin (p. 148); accordingly, her recurrent line is ‘I have stilled your body, but even I may not control your dreams’ (p. 150, see also p. 190). Drug addiction has become the sad fulfilment of Eddie’s childhood dreams of domesticating a wild, white mare – a soothing fantasy of belonging, safety and unconditional trust (pp. 191, 203). Accordingly, the eponymous Horse plays several characters who might have provided this sense of belonging for Eddie: his mother, his daughter, a lover.

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