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3-92. p. 60. 3 Cf. , p. 250. ^Cf. ditto, Materialisme et revolution, in: ditto, Situations, HI, Paris: Gallimard, 1949, p. 135-225, cf. for the following: p. , p. 135. 5 Op. cit, p. 172. Cf. on this: A. Cohen-Solal, Sartre, London: Random House, 1985, p. 287290. 38 Problem of Method£ The text appeared in the Polish journal Tworczosc1 in April 1957, then in Les Temps modemes in October 1957. In 1960 Sartre extended it by adding his concluding remarks, in which he calls existentialism irreplaceable, and republishes it as the introduction to the first volume of Critique of Dialectical Reason* In this text, he examines firstly the relations between Marxism and existentialism, and there then follows a section on mediation and auxiliary sciences.

141 f. Cf. ditto, in: ditto, Situations, p. 327-371, here p. 336. Ditto, Nausea, p. 252. " Sartre, Notebooks for an Ethics* 3. 1. 2 Nevertheless, on being asked whether he preferred to be called an existentialist or a Marxist, he answered: an "existentialist". His support of left-wing groups was not always beneficial for the independence he himself always emphasized. F. in the fifties, it is not clear whether he was thereby calling into question some of the principal statements of his works. It is remarkable that his fundamental critique of Marxism's ideological excesses still does not receive due attention.

Psychoanalysis can, if applied within a dialectical totalisation, reveal objective structures and aspects of childhood that are not cancelled out by adulthood 4 3 Another discipline that is consulted for the portrait studies is sociology. With its "prospective attention"44 and by applying its heuristic method and empiricism, it can contribute to totalisation within dialectics. In Kardiner's works, Sartre found references to certain types of behaviour that point to an irreducible character, to the "vecu" ("the lived")45.

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