By T. Nishinaga

ISBN-10: 0444825045

ISBN-13: 9780444825049

This ebook comprises the result of a study undertaking entitled Crystal progress Mechanisms on an Atomic Scale, which was once performed for three years through a few seventy two reseachers. till lately in Japan, purely the technological elements of crystal development were emphasised and a spotlight used to be paid simply to its value in undefined. but the medical features additionally must be thought of in order that the know-how of crystal progress may be constructed even extra. This venture for this reason geared toward figuring out crystal development and the emphasis used to be on discovering development mechanisms on an atomic scale.

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We study the time evolution of the dendritic interface growing under a perpetual noise by numerically integrating the interface evolution [15,16]. W h e n t h e crystal is growing steadily with a constant velocity v, the diffusion field is time-independent in the frame comoving with the growth of the crystal. If the dif­ fusion field relaxes quickly compared to the crystal growth, it is approximated to be time-independent in t h e moving frame. Using this quasi-stationary approximation, the fundamental set of equations (1-3) are transformed in the integro-differential equation of t h e crystal interface.

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