By Chuck Easttom

ISBN-10: 1435611152

ISBN-13: 9781435611153

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The JavaScript function is executed when the user submits the form, and only if the entry is a valid e-mail address (includes an @) is the form transmitted to the server for further processing, database storage, and so on. In this case, the user does not need to wait until the form is submitted over the network to the server and back to the client, only to be informed that a required character is missing. Browser Objects JavaScript uses a built-in object model that is mostly based on the HTML content of the given web page.

The following identifiers are legal: loopCounter _AccountNumber _123456789_ customer_name OfficeNumber6 but the following ones are illegal: with ^fastTimer 911phoneNumber 04-825-6408 ***important*** 10_guesses // // // // // // // reserved word first character is illegal cannot start with a digit first character is illegal "-" is an illegal character * is not a legal character first character cannot be a digit Keywords are words that have special meanings in a programming language. ). The list of keywords is the basic vocabulary of the language.

C, C++, and Java programmers will already be familiar with the increment and decrement operators. The increment operator is formed by placing two plus signs after a variable, such as this: var somenumber somenumber++ This line of code increments the value of somenumber by one. Had we written: somenumber-- it would have decreased the value by one. It is very important that you realize that where you place increment and decrement operators is critical. If you place the increment operator after a variable, such as: var somenumber = 10 var someothernumber someothernumber = somenumber++ The assignment operation will take place before the evaluation operation.

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