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Seelig, Carl, Albert Einstein: A Documentary Biography, London, 1956, p. , Einstein: The Life and Times, p. 10. 83. , [CPAE1 pp. lx–lxll; CPAE ET, p. xx]. 84. , editor, Albert Einstein: Philosopher–Scientist, 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press, London, 1949 (1970). pp. 3, 5. Bracketing in the original. 85. , Philosopher–Scientist, p. 5 86. , Philosopher–Scientist, p. 9. 87. , Philosopher–Scientist, p. 53. 88. , [CPAE1 pp. lxiii–lxiv; CPAE ET, pp. xxi–xxii]; Pais, Abraham, Subtle is the Lord, p.

Exists independently of us human beings and which stands before us like a great, eternal riddle, at least partially accessible to our inspection and thinking. 85 Commenting on another occasion, Einstein recalled, At the age of 12 I experienced a second wonder of a totally different nature: in a little book dealing with Euclidian plane geometry, which came into my hands at the beginning of a school year. Here were assertions, as for example the intersection of the three altitudes of a triangle in one point, which – though by no means evident – could nevertheless be proved with such certainty that any doubt appeared to be out of the question.

7 The Copernican system. ) Planet Minor axis Sun Major axis Focus Focus Fig. 8 Kepler’s first law: Elliptical planetary orbits. 2 Historical Background 9 D A C Sun Focus Focus B 1 (R)(Rdq) 2 dA = 1 (R)(Rq)= 1 R2q = constant 2 dt 2 dA = Rdq dq Fig. 9 Kepler’s second law: The equal area rule for planetary orbits. 1 (Pluto) (Neptune) (Uranus) 3 Earth Fig. 10 Kepler’s third law: R = τ2 constant for planets around the sun. 0 Following Brahe’s discovery of the mutability of the heavenly sphere, Kepler’s elliptical orbits were another dent in the perfection of the heavens (circular orbits).

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