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Putting pressure onMore), he knows he iscaught. Now Cromwell puts direct pressure on Norfolk , saying that he has no choice because the King particularly wished Norfolk to show his participation, as a loyal friend of More's, in making More state his allegiance. It must also be seen publicly that what is being done is according to the strict processes of the law and is not 'persecution'. ' When this attempt to ensnare More fails, Cromwell looks for another approach. In the previous scene , More had explained that he was using his silence as a legal 'life-line' - 'in silence is my safety under the law' and 'I know what's legal not what's right.

The lighting is used to isolate More even further from his family, leaving them in the dark - both on the stage and metaphorically . Margaret shows 31 her bravery and devotion to her father by wanting to go with him; but More, even in this moment of tension and danger, can be witty - both in his threat to bring Cromwell home to dinner, and for the pun on the word 'wit'. He can also show another little flash of professional pride in his own expertise in the law as compared with Cromwell. But that he calls Cromwell a ' pragmatist' is cruel irony, because, later, Cromwell is to use the law in a Machiavellian way for his own purposes .

Norfolk has two directions , sharply and strong up, because he finds it difficult to believe Rich's testimony. More gestures helplessly on the news that the witnesses cannot be called, because this is his final proof that the 'trial' had been rigged. Then More looks into Rich's face with pain and amusement ; 'pain ' because he feels pity for any man who can commit such perjury ; 'amusement' because of the irony of giving your soul away for Wales, which at that time was regarded as a very primitive place.

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