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Patrick s life, written long after his time. "AFTER all, I do not pretend that no private person among the Irish had the use of letters before the coming in of St. Patrick, and the preaching of the Gospel to them for it may have very well happened, that some of the Irish, before that : time, passing over to Britain, or other parts of the Roman empire, where the use of letters was common, might have learned to read and write. It might also have happened that the Druids, who were the magicians of these times, might have had certain hieroglyphick characters to express their diabolical mysteries ; and that the remains of those are what Toland and others make such a noise about.

Sir William Betham, who has laboured more strenuously than even any of the native Irish writers of our times, to support the truth of the pagan history of Ire- xxxi Introduction. Heber and Heremon, sons of Milesius, and the in descent We twenty-first from Gaedhal, son of Niul. are told further in Book of Lecan 1 , that the begin with the letters a, the Uraicecht, preserved in the ancient Irish alphabet did not b, c, like the Latin, nor with a, b, g> Greek and Hebrew alphabets, but with the letters from which it received its name of Bobel-loth, or with like the f, , /, b, I, n, from which it Each of the received the appellation of Beth-luis- alphabet took at the great schools under FeniusFarsaidh, and in theBeth-luis-nion alpha nion.

Prolog, in Hieremiam. Opp. ed. Vallarsii, in his note on the passage last quoted, -the Scotia of St. Jerome in Hiere- with the modern Scotland not knowing that Ireland was the lib. i. in torn. iv. u Prolog, : i. lib. iii. miam. Some, however, think that the heretic Pelagius is here alluded to. See Vallarsius, not. in loc. Opp. S. Hieron. torn. iv. who confounds, both here and only country called Scotia in St. Jerome s time, v Gennadius de c. Script. Eccl. 44. (inter Opp. B. Hieron. Ed. ) Introduction.

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