By Susan Rennie, Sally Miller Gearhart

In 1976 A Feminist Tarot grew to become the 1st ebook of the newly-launched lesbian-feminist press in Watertown, Massachusetts, referred to as Persephone Press. From then until eventually 1981 while Persephone ceased book, it went via 4 versions. Alyson guides (of Boston, and extra lately of l. a.) has shepherded the booklet via extra variants (1981 and the current 1997 variation) as well as its Dutch translation released in 1985 through Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes bv, Deventer. unlike the explosion of women’s Tarot decks and interpretations of the 1980’s and 90’s, A Feminist Tarot makes use of the pictures of the conventional Waite Tarot deck, offering and unveiling them from the point of view of cultural feminist proposal. It casts an multiplied interpretation upon every one card of the main and Minor Arcana, providing either upright and reversed meanings, and a precis of conventional meanings in addition. It contains a historical past of and a observation upon the Tarot itself, illustrated lay-outs and customary makes use of of the Tarot, in addition to a quick bibliography.

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The querent or one near her may be using sexual expression as a means to an end, or manipulating through sexual tactics. Sexual game playing. Traditional reversed meaning: Infidelity, temptation. Frustration in love or marriage. The danger of a wrong choice in emotional relationships. 23 A Feminist Tarot 7 THE CHARIOT Sign Cancer Upright: WILLPOWER T he charioteer has control of the chariot drawn by two figures: that is, control of the dual nature of the self. She is at a place of rest in her personal life, which allows concentration on external affairs.

A willingness to submit oneself to the dictates of the inner self. Regeneration, rebirth. Reversed: SPEED Driven behavior; speeding onward without pause and without awareness of danger. Reluctance to reflect. Much motion to no effect. Wheelspinning inertia. May also be a gathering of momentum, not yet out of control. Excessive drive, action; imminent burnout. The male principle is running rampant, endangering female functioning and fertility. The querent or one near her is absorbed in matters as yet unreflected upon.

Traditional reversed meaning: Weakness, lack of strength. Loss of control. Subservience to those in authority. 19 A Feminist Tarot 5 THE HIEROPHANT Sign Taurus Upright: CONVENTIONALITY also Dogmatism T he hierophant represents traditional or orthodox teaching; strict conformity to institutionalized rules and regulations; social approval; the ultimate in what-will-the-neighbors-think fears. Fear of disgrace; extreme pride in having the respect of others. The ritualistic, ceremonial, dramatic outer form; protocol, the ruling powers of the conventional.

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A Feminist Tarot by Susan Rennie, Sally Miller Gearhart

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