By Patricia Telesco

ISBN-10: 1564144879

ISBN-13: 9781564144874

More and more, the magickal neighborhood is made from city-dwelling Witches, Pagans, and Neo-Pagans. How do those humans mix a traditional philosophy with the concrete jungle? A Charmed lifestyles is a transformational e-book that comes with spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and all demeanour of useful tricks for developing and keeping a fit, chuffed, and religious surroundings.

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If you don’t have any of these components, try simple salt instead. This has been used throughout world history as a cleanser and protector. And, if you feel particularly in need of safety just take out a pinch of the herbs or salt and toss it in the general direction from which the trouble seems to emanate. Just remember to refill your sachet later. 64 A Charmed Life Blending In On those days when you feel overexposed, this activity often produces results within three days. With practice you’ll be able to do this anytime, anywhere when you just want to retreat a bit from the forefront.

Moving to Water, we might consider a humidifier, hot tub, hose, sink, seashell, model boats, floating candles, fish bowls, or even fire extinguishers. Finally, for Earth, a growing plant, a change jar, a picture of your favorite pet/animal, wooden carvings, or herb bundles all suit. Once you gather your tokens together, take a moment to charge and bless them for their purpose. ” Take the token and put it as close as possible to the cardinal point to which it corresponds. You now have four reminders of the Elements of magick in place, which can also be used in establishing sacred space any time you wish.

When you decide to enter into discussions with people about the Craft, there are some other good rules to follow that I’ve found very helpful especially for public speaking. ♦ Research. Plain and simple, know your history, know where magickal traditions come from, and know how they’ve changed. Be able to explain things such as why animal sacrifice was once very popular but is no longer acceptable. ♦ Emphasize Wicca as a religion. S. military as a religion, and the chaplains of all ar med forces have infor mation about what constitutes our faith in their handbook.

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